Ocean Electric Buoy

Ocean Electric Buoy
Ocean Swell Wave Energy Conversion Platform System

Rendering of generator with navigation light buoy.

Direct Conversion of Wave Energy to Electric Power

AMI’s OSWEC (Ocean Swell Wave Energy Conversion) system is an innovative energy system that directly converts motion to electric power and poses no threat to the environment.  It is an efficient, clean source of energy that uses no hydrocarbon fuel, hydraulic pumping units, or thermodynamics.

This cost effective system utilizes a linear reciprocating generator to directly convert wave energy to electric power.

It’s the wave of the future.

After four design evolutions, Aqua-Magnetics, Inc has created our patented reciprocating linear generator.  Scalable for a wide range of applications, and able to operate in a wide range of sea states.


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System Development page

AMI is seeking interested parties to help complete development of our intracoastal unit. 

These are small units, weighing less than 45 Kg (100 lbs), can power navigation lights or other marine monitoring instrumentation in only 15 cm (6-inch) wind chop.

AMI’s computer simulation accurately predicts the output of the Reciprocating Generator for both river and tank test.

We anticipate that AMI’s Ocean Electric Buoy with a 15 meter buoy with AMI’s generator can create between 145 and 330 KW in a 2 meter swells.  The actual amount of power output depends on the wave period and form.

For ocean data buoys, we anticipate an Ocean Electric Buoy with a 2-meter buoy can generate approximately 11 KW, while a 4-meter buoy should generate approximately 40 KW in a 2-meter swell.